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Why Buy Funeral Insurance?

Why Buy Funeral Insurance?

Article by Grant Main

There’s one thing in life which is certain: paying your taxes, and dying. With that in mind, you would think that everyone in Australia would have a funeral plan, right? In actual fact it’s the reverse, many of us don’t like thinking about death, it’s a part of life that is hard to face, and as a result many of us don’t have this type of cover in place.

Lack of funeral insurance in AustraliaLike an Australian emu sticking its head in the sand, we tend to avoid the issue. As a result, very few of us actually have this type of cover. Many Australians have not made any plans to pay for their own funeral. Instead, this burden is loaded onto loved ones who then must suffer even more financial stress.

Make your own funeral insurance plansDo you have a particular service in mind? Services can range from the hundreds to thousands of dollars, so having money readily available can help pay for what you have requested in your plan. This cover provides certainty that everything will be taken care of when you are no longer there.

Buy funeral insurance in AustraliaFuneral cover is available from a select number of life companies in Australia. These life companies often have a product suitable for many people. However if you have found it difficult to obtain life cover due to your age or health problems, buying funeral cover may be a suitable alternative. A benefit payment from this type of cover is usually paid as a lump sum.

Buy and compare funeral insurance onlineWe are fortunate in Australia in having the option to compare funeral plans online. It gives you the flexibility to look for cover in your own time, and find the most suitable one for you. If you are unsure as to what funeral policy to buy, contact a financial adviser. They can offer valuable advice and help determine how much cover you need to buy.

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