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Parents funeral benefit

Parents funeral benefit

A parents funeral benefit lets you extend your funeral cover to parents and parents-in-law. This will alleviate pressure on your household in the event that you have to pay for the funeral of a parent and ensure that money is available to pay for a decent funeral service.

Planning for a funeral is not a task that anyone looks forward to, but the fact of life that that at some point you or your family will be tasked with paying for the costs of a funeral service. The sensible thing is to take the necessary measures now so that, when faced with the costs of a funeral, you are in a position to meet the cost without suffering an excessive financial burden or incurring debt.

Funeral insurance is especially important because of the value attached to a funeral service. A funeral bears such emotional and symbolic weight that mourners will consider holding a suitable ceremony a non-negotiable expense, whether it is financial feasible or not.

A funeral for a parent is way for children, grandchildren and relatives to pay tribute to the life of the deceased.

Ensure that funeral expenses can be met

A parent’s funeral benefit can be the cost-effective way to ensure that one’s parents are suitably covered for funeral expenses.

For a modest additional premium you can extend funeral cover to your parents-in-law and parents.

This is a reassurance against the sudden expense of paying for a funeral, which would otherwise be the responsibility of the deceased’s partner (who may be retired and so in a relatively delicate financial position) or possibly yourself, potentially disrupting your household budget.  

Who is eligible for a parents funeral benefit?

Some will be surprised  to find that funeral cover is available for people up to the age of 75.

Once individuals exceed that age, it may no longer be possible to extend funeral cover to them, even though the costs of a funeral will not diminish past that age. For that reason, it is sensible to consider extending funeral cover to parents and parent-in-law while they are still eligible for the parents funeral benefit to commence.

Because funeral insurance need not be dependent on taking a medical examination, it is fast and straightforward to extend funeral cover to members of your family.

Contact your insurer or insurance broker about getting funeral insurance for your family, including extending cover to parents and parents-in-law with a parents funeral benefit.

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