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Non medical life insurance and its benefits

Non medical life insurance and its benefits

Most of you would have heard about, but what is non medical? It is also called in other terms as no exam and anyone can easily know its meaning from the name itself. Due to climate changes and global warming, the life span of people has been gradually decreased and can anyone disagree with this? I think most of you would accept with me because it is absolutely true, for during your forefathers age they had lived upto hundred years, then it slowly decreased to 80 and now it has decreased to 60 to 70 so in this period of years, we definetly need savings that can save you and your family. No medical exam insurance is a kind that acts as a protective policy for you and your family even though you are diagnosed with some diseases.

In policy, the insured are subjected to several medical examinations and checkups, but in this the insured can get this policy by answering few yes or no health questions and can get this policy. In any way if you have been cast-off of buying insurance policies due to your health conditions, then this policy suits you better in all aspects. In this, you don’t need to go for any medical test and even you don’t need to give any blood sample, but you just need to answer the questions of California companies through phone. The policy holders of this policy do not need to strain themselves and also they don’t have to worry about them not being able to get this policy due to their health condition.

The applicants on any case will not be rejected in this policy unless they have serious illness when they are availing this policy. On completing the medical questions, the CA companies if found that you are likely to develop any serious illness will not reject your application and instead they will ask your personal physician an opinion or medical reports. This doesn’t involve any blood test, but only some records and that too this will only be consider when you are prone to develop some illness apart from your present health condition. The insured can get this policy in a very quick time with low rates, but to get low quotes, you need to search this insurance policy in different insurance company’s websites so that you can get the best free quotes.

It is available as two distinct plans such as simplified and guaranteed plans. In simplified plan, no blood samples, no physician tests and no EKG requirement needed. You can get this policy in short with no delays and the insured can get this policy through simple application process. In guaranteed plan, the options and facilities are same as above, but this is a policy of kind that if you had some health problems just before qualifying. Get these policies from the best California companies through free quotes.

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