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No Exam Life Insurance... Why Wait?

No Exam Life Insurance… Why Wait?

Article by Whit Jackson

No Exam Life Insurance is awesome because you can buy it online in a matter of minutes. Within the life insurance industry, this specific type of life insurance is sometimes referred to as “simplified” or “guaranteed” life insurance. One of the great things about no exam life insurance is that the application process is fast, easy and simple. Another great feature is that the no exam life insurance policy is usually issued within a few days or immediately.

No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance is an alternative for those people who want to take care of their loved ones but don’t want the hassle of a doctor’s visit.In this speedy-paced and hectic world, most justly do not have the time to take a day off for a medical exam to buy some life insurance. Nobody wants to use a vacation day and who wants to take a day off going to the doctor’s office and insurance company?

Say goodbye to the days of calling life insurance agent after life insurance agent. while obtaining no medial exam life insuarance you’ll be asked about your medical history, and often times concerning the medical history of your family. This “online application” will help the life insurance agents learn whether or not you’re eligible for a no medical exam life insurance policy. Frankly put, you pretty much have to be young and in fabulous health to qualify for no medical exam life insurance.

before you begin your shopping you should be aware that not all no medical exam life insurance policies actually apply to all people. Once you find a website to search for life insurance quotes, you’ll have to complete a questionnaire of sorts. You’ll be asked personal information such as your gender, age, weight, and height.

Places such as http://www.10mintetermlife.com will provide with you with free no exam life insurance quotes online in seconds. All no medical exam life insurance quotes are free, so you can little as you or as few as you wish and compare the results to purchase the policy that best suits your needs. However, by going to a place like 10minutetermlife.com you will be able to save time by getting quotes from all the top life insurance companies at one time. Once you’ve found the best no exam life insurance policy for you, you can apply online.

Without a medical exam, you are an increased risk to the life insurance company and it uses the answers you commit to these questions to calculate the no medical exam life insurance quote it will give you. You don’t have to accept any quote that you receive because none of them are binding. They are just services that insurance companies provide in order to bring you in as potential customers

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