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MA life insurance and How Much Do Funerals or Cremation Services Cost?

MA life insurance and How Much Do Funerals or Cremation Services Cost?

When figuring out how much final expense life insurance you may need it is important to find out how much it would be for a funeral or cremation service. Although, it varies by area it important to figure out what type of service you want and price them so that your family is prepared and are not financially burdened at the time of your death.

Upon researching you will find that there are different options available to you when planning your services. The average funeral can cost ,500 or more depending on the arrangements. All funeral service providers charge a basic fee which can range between 0-,000. This fee cannot be avoided as it is used to acquire the death certificate, sheltering the remains, and making the necessary arrangements with the cemetery or crematory. In addition to this fee there are also optional services such as embalming, memorial service, use of equipment and staff, caskets, cremation, burial containers, or the intermittent that are not included in this price. Caskets can range between ,000-over ,000. Funeral homes can sometimes mark up caskets up to 600%. It is best to shop around on prices for caskets this can really save you a lot of money. Funeral homes have to accept a casket even if it is not purchased through them. A funeral plot can be 0 to several thousand dollars, Opening and closing a grave can be 0 to ,500 depending on the time and day of the week, and a headstone or markers can be 0 to several thousand dollars.  If you are going to be cremated and want to a memorial service prior to your cremation check with your funeral home to see if you can rent a casket for the service. An urn can cost as much as ,000 or more.

If you want to ensure that your family is not financially burdened during their time of grief it is important to have some sort of plan to pay for all of these fees. This is what final expense life insurance was designed for. The beneficiary usually receives payment within 24 hours after the service is performed. We usually suggest purchasing a policy between ,000-,000 to cover your expenses but it is up to you to research to find the best coverage amount for you and your family. Remember that it is best to prepare before it is too late.

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The author is an independent insurance agent that sell life, final expense, and medicare supplemental insurance in MA, TX, and PA.