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Life Insurance for HIV positive

Life Insurance for HIV positive

Article by Lorne Marr

From the end of 2005 gathered figures show that, in Canada, there are 58,000 individuals have HIV/AIDS. If you have any immune system disorder, including HIV/AIDS then the chances are you will struggle to find classic life insurance. If you try hard enough there are some providers that will sell you life insurance, these are simplified life insurance and some guaranteed issue providers. Guaranteed issue policies has no medical assessment and no health queries. Consequently you don’t have to state you suffer from AIDS or HIV There are three problems with guaranteed issue policies:1) First off expect to pay big policy premiums. 2) The amount paid out on death is considerably lower than other schemes. 3) protection has a two-year delay time. In this instance the best payment you can hope for is the return of the policy payment with interest, if the insured dies within the first two years of a non-accidental death. The other choice is a simplified issue life policy, whilst no medical examination there are up to 12 health questions on the application. This sort of plan has the benefit of a higher pay-out and smaller premiums. Be aware though that some of these plans still have a waiting duration of up to 2 years, though a couple will pay out straight away. The two top suppliers of simplified life insurance schemes in Canada are Assumption Life and Canada Protection Plan. If you suffer from HIV or AIDS then the deferred life and deferred term policy from Canada Protection Plan is possibly the best to get.They read as follows: Deferred Life within the past three years, has the insured been treated for unusual chronic infection, including HIV and AIDS. While on the Canada Protection Plan, which provides 0,000 of coverage, it asks, within the past three years, has the insured been diagnosed with or started treatment for unusual chronic infection or immune system abnormality, including HIV or AIDS – which seems the better option for someone who has this type of disorder.Lorne Marr is life insurance professional

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Lorne Marr is disability insurance broker from Toronto.