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Is Seniors Insurance Necessary?

Is Seniors Insurance Necessary?

Article by Jeremy Smith

The question of whether seniors insurance coverage is necessary is a question that has a different answer for each individual. Obviously, if a senior is still taking care of their children, they will want to have an Australian seniors insurance policy in order to keep their children financially prepared in the event of their death. In cases where their children have moved out and are supporting themselves, which is typically the case, the situation can become quite a bit more complicated.

The primary question that a senior, or anybody else for that matter, should ask is how the people they love and care about will be financially affected by their death. Even in circumstances where an individual is no longer taking care of anybody else with their income, their loved ones could still be financially affected by their death.

The two most important factors that a senior in this situation should take into account are the costs of their funeral and any debts that they still have not paid off. If an individual does not have an inheritance to pass onto their children and loved ones, they will likely want to take out a life insurance policy.

A senior need not necessarily take out full-blown life insurance. They can also sign up for what is often referred to as burial insurance. Burial insurance is much less expensive, and provides compensation for the costs of a funeral up to a specific amount. Before signing up for burial insurance, a senior will want to find out roughly how much their funeral will cost. Morbid as it may sound, it may even be a good idea to make as many of the funeral arrangements as possible beforehand, which saves the family the burden of having to make these decisions in the event of the senior’s death.

Whether a senior chooses to purchase full-blown life insurance in order to provide an inheritance to their loved ones, or chooses to purchase a life policy to cover funeral expenses and outstanding debts, they will benefit from looking at quotes from several different companies in order to find the policy that makes the most sense for their age and needs.

A senior should be aware that when they apply for life coverage, some companies may ask for a medical screening in order for the underwriter to determine exactly how much they will be charged for their premium and whether they qualify.

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