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Is Funeral Insurance Really Necessary?

Is Funeral Insurance Really Necessary?

Article by Melanie Cath

Many people do not have funeral insurance, but seeing that the costs of your funeral will be met will save your family going into debt to pay for it. Funeral insurance is one where a claim is met quickly usually within 48 hours.

Many people do not think that funeral insurance is really necessary, but the cost of funerals is quite expensive these days. When you or your loved one dies, the family are bereaved; if they also have to worry about how they can pay for the funeral, then this will add to their anguish in a way that will be almost unbearable.

You can avoid this problem by getting funeral insurance. But why is this better than any other kind of insurance? A funeral policy is one that will be paid out within 48 hours of a claim being made. Many other insurance claims can take a great deal longer. But with a funeral insurance claim you can be sure of getting paid quickly and so those funeral expenses can be paid and forgotten.

Funerals can cost around ,000 or more, which is why having funeral insurance is a good idea. Many people not only dont have that much spare cash, but are unable to source a loan with which to pay it. And while there may be enough money in the estate to pay for the funeral, getting it quickly is often impossible.

If you have never had to pay for a funeral, you may be surprised at the amount of money involved. But there are many things that go with a funeral. Firstly there is the coffin and this is one of the major expenses. Even if you should choose a cheaper option it is still quite expensive.

You also have to pay for the council for a burial plot and this will vary depending on the location. Then there are flowers; the chapel hire, music, hearse fees and catering for the wake. Once you add up all these costs youll realise just where that money is going. Betting funeral insurance will ensure that no one has to go into debt to pay for your funeral.

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