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Important Information for Deciding on Funeral Policies

Losing a loved one is extremely difficult for everybody and it’s sad that funeral expenses have become so high. It’s a sad reality, but one that we have to deal with unfortunately and the sooner the better. As upsetting as discussing your own death or the death of a family member always is, having to think about paying thousands and thousands of dollars to a funeral provider when you are in the shock of grief is a stress that nobody needs. Fortunately it can be overcome with prudent planning and some emotional strength now rather than later.

What is the cost of not having funeral cover? Considering life and death questions like this now rather than when it is too late or when your family are in the process of grieving and not thinking straight is just good management of your own life. When people are in the throes of agony associated with grief, they can’t be expected to make rational financial decisions. If you have a funeral policy in place, it will outline what things will be paid for and there will be a strict budget to adhere to. This will prevent your loved ones from paying for things you don’t want and leave more money from your estate to pay for their well being, rather than your commemoration.

Paying for a funeral policy isn’t required if you have enough money to pay for a funeral and expect this to be the case in the future. After all, if you aren’t paying a funeral company you will be paying your beneficiaries directly by way of a larger estate to inherit.

If you can’t afford to pay cash for your funeral (or for somebody else’s) you certainly are not alone – this is most of the planet’s population after all. In this case, it makes sense for you to be signing up for a funeral plan that costs only a few dollars a week or as the famous ads go “for the cost of a cup of coffee….” Have a close look at your weekly expenses and see if you can fit in a bit extra for a funeral policy.

When you go to sign up for a policy you will probably be asked to make a very difficult decision. Do you know if you want to be buried or do you want to be cremated? Do you know what your spouse’s choice is? Do you know what your children would prefer? Have a good, long think about these questions before you phone, in case you are shocked by the question and give an answer you haven’t thought out.

Do you want a lavish ceremony or a simple one? The ‘added extras’ such as flowers, digital presentations, catering and the number of staff can have an impact on the cost of the funeral and this flows through to the insurance premium you end up paying. Consider these matters first, then call the insurance company to discuss the pricing options.

There are also usually fees for a religious minister or other person to officiate the ceremony too and all of these come at a price and flow through to the cost of your insurance premium.

It’s a sad topic but one of the most important to deal with, on the same level as drafting a will or power of attorney. If you make some tough decisions now and your loved ones will thank you for it in the future.

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