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How will your family cope with funeral expenses?

How will your family cope with funeral expenses?

A dignified funeral is an important way for bereaved family and friends to pay their respects, and is often a source of comfort at a distressing time. Unfortunately, organising a decent funeral can be expensive, and can occur at a time when a family’s finances are already strained.

Ensure your family can afford to pay for a funeral
It is sensible to do at least some basic planning to prepare for future funeral arrangements. This may not seem like an agreeable task now, but it is prudent and will prevent undue hassle and expense in the future.

By acquiring a general understanding now of the different funeral options, which funeral homes are suitable, and the various costs involved, a future funeral can be arranged quickly and at a fair price. 
To secure your family’s future wellbeing, you will obviously look – as far as is practical – to leave them with minimal debts and, ideally, with some cash savings.

The problem is that even if you have a well-organised estate, funds may not be immediately available because of bureaucratic delays.

Funeral insurance provides a solution to this difficulty. Funeral insurance cover will provide a cash sum quickly, to be used to pay for a funeral and related expenses without incurring debt.

This way your family will be able to pay for a suitable funeral service as well as having provisions to cope with day-today expenses.

Protect your family over time

You can augment this protection with optional benefits, some of which are especially designed to help families pay everyday obligations. For example, a groceries benefit will pay out regular cash amounts, so that your family can continue to afford groceries and other important goods for an extended period.

This can be invaluable because, on top of the expense of organising a funeral, your family may be faced with the sudden loss of at least one stream of income.

Extended funeral cover for your family

Remember that your family’s finances will not only be affected in the event of your own death. If any member of the family should pass on, including parents-in-law, this can be a sudden financial burden which the household will have to bear.

A funeral policy that covers your immediate family will ensure your household’s economic stability should you have to pay for the costs of a funeral for a family member.

How much funeral cover do I need?

Effective funeral  insurance will pay out a sufficient amount to cover the expense of a funeral as well as the additional related expenses.

A qualified broker will help explain the various funeral policy options available for you and your family, so that you can make sure your family can cope with funeral expenses, whatever happens.

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