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How To Maximize Your Life Insurance Medical Exam

How To Maximize Your Life Insurance Medical Exam

Before shopping around for a term life insurance policy, it’s a good idea to find a company that can provide multiple quotes. Quotes are just an estimation based on age and coverage amounts, but the final life insurance rates actually depend greatly on a medical examination.

Determining Life Insurance Rates With A Medical Exam

Most types of coverage require the buyer to have a medical exam. These exams are fairly regular physicals, and the results are provided to the term life insurance company. The exam includes getting measured (height) and weighed, checking blood pressure and taking blood and urine samples. The blood samples are used to check for diseases such as HIV, hepatitis or other infections. The urine sample is tested for kidney disease and other things.

Oftentimes, the nurse who conducts the exam will be available to meet virtually anywhere. The nurse may have some additional health questions about personal history, family history and other health aspects so it’s a good idea to have this information available.

Once the results come back, the company will use the information to decide how much of a premium to charge for the amount of coverage requested. While the quote first received was indicative of this amount, anything that shows up as health threatening on the exam may require the company to increase the insured’s life insurance rates. Generally the results are not offered, but can be requested if the person is interested in seeing them.

Getting Ready For The Physical

Preparing for the medical exam can make a significant difference in the premiums offered by the company. There are some specific things that can be done to garner the best results from the exam, and therefore save some money.

In the days before the exam, begin drinking plenty of water because this will aid in cleaning out the system. Not drinking enough water causes dehydration, which can affect blood pressure and heart rate.

Also, stop drinking alcohol. Alcohol can lead to higher than normal heart rates and blood pressure, making it seem as if there is a problem. This can cause life insurance rates to inflate, sometimes unnecessarily. Refrain from smoking because this can cause issues with the blood and heart rates. It’s best not to use chewing tobacco either as it has many of the same ingredients as cigarettes.

Certain foods like those high in cholesterol or salt can also contribute to test results that are incorrect. If possible, begin refraining from these foods a couple of weeks prior to the exam.

Try to remain calm. Being stressed increases blood pressure and the heart rate. Try to stay as calm as possible, since high numbers can increase life insurance rates. This may sound stressing, so instead of focusing on the impending exam, focus on a less stressing topic or listen to some music.

Exercising is a great way to improve results, though to make any difference one should probably start exercising a couple of weeks prior — the day before isn’t going to make much of a difference. If interested in applying for coverage, begin now to get the best results from the medical exam.

Cut Back On Caffeine, Tobacco And Alcohol

Last, but not least, avoid any drinks that have caffeine in them. These foods can also alter the test in a negative way. Drinks such as colas, teas, and coffee are often addictive; begin cutting them out of the diet a few days before the test. This can help ensure that there are no withdrawal issues on the day of the examination.  

It’s best to make sure there is no alcohol or tobacco consumption the night and day before. While preparing a few days before is better, this 24 hour period is imperative. The increase in levels because of these activities can make a significant, unnecessary difference in premiums compared to the term life insurance quote.

The night before the exam, try to get seven to eight hours of sleep. Be sure not to eat a few hours before going to bed, because this can keep anyone from getting a restful night’s sleep. Try go to bed early to ensure there is enough time to get the desired hours of sleep for the next day.

Getting a medical test for term life insurance can seem stressful. However, with these tips, the buyer can plan ahead and take necessary steps to reduce life insurance rates. Start following these tips as soon as possible — this way there is plenty of time to make a positive impact on the results.

All results should be received within 10 business days, upon which the underwriter should contact you to discuss coverage options pertaining to the results. Once everything is confirmed, paperwork can be finished and the policy can be activated. It might seem to take awhile to get everything in order for life insurance, but it’s a wait that is worth the effort. In the end you know your family and their future are secure, and now you can focus on spending time with them instead of worrying about the future.

Chris Harmen is a writer for Wholesale Insurance, a site that allows consumers to compare life insurance rates before purchasing. Anyone looking to buy term life insurance can visit Wholesale Insurance.