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How to get the best out of your funeral insurance plan

How to get the best out of your funeral insurance plan

It’s important to know how to get the best out of your funeral insurance cover. The ability to extend your cover, add additional cover and gain additional benefits allows you to tailor your funeral insurance plan to meet your needs and fit your budget.

Extend your funeral insurance cover

Your funeral insurance plan need not be limited to covering funeral expenses in the event of your own death; your parents, partner and children can also be included in the policy.

Your funeral insurance cover can be extended to cover your parents and parents-in-law. Dealing with the loss of a parent can be overwhelming, but by extending your cover to include parents as part of your funeral insurance plan, you can ensure that at least the financial burden of arranging a funeral service is covered.

Your partner and children can also be placed under your funeral insurance plan. Preparing for the future is important, and knowing that when it comes to your family you have peace of mind that regardless of what kind of tragedy befalls one member, the family as a whole has the assistance necessary to remain financially secure.

Get optional insurance cover

When looking to get the best out of your funeral insurance cover, it’s important to know that some insurance providers will allow you to get additional optional cover with your funeral insurance plan.

These cover options are designed to complement your funeral insurance and provide additional assistance when needed.

You can get additional life insurance cover to supplement your funeral insurance policy, to create a comprehensive plan that ensures that, should you or your partner die, the funeral service will be covered, and there will be a substantial cash payout to help your family in the longer term.

Optional accident and disability insurance can round out a funeral insurance plan. In the event that you are seriously hurt in an accident, accident and disability cover can ensure that loss of income incurred due to injuries will be compensated for.

Additional funeral insurance benefits

To get the most out of your funeral insurance policy, it is worth considering any  optional funeral plan benefits available.

For instance, a vehicle benefit will give you access to a car, which may assist with making funeral arrangements, for transporting guests, or other need that may arise.

A memorial benefit to cover the costs of an unveiling ceremony is a way of ensuring that, in addition to a fitting funeral service, there will be sufficient funds to hold a dignified memorial ceremony.


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