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How to get the best Burial Life Insurance

How to get the best Burial Life Insurance

Burial life insurance or final expense insurance is usually the most expensive life insurance plan you can buy. Most people think of burial life insurance only when they are in real bad health.

The trick to beat the high cost of this product is to purchase it when you are in your forties or fifties and in relatively decent health.

When you apply later in life the options become limited. However, that does not mean that there are no good options available. When shopping for one, try to find and independent agent or broker who can compare multiple options for you. There will be a questionnaire to fill to understand you health and other important issues. Please answer all of them to the best of your knowledge.

Your answers will help an agent or advisor to shop for you appropriately.

Generally speaking, there are two options available for Burial Life Insurance:

Whole life insurance with medical exam (Regular underwriting)
Whole life insurance without medical exam (Simplified underwriting)

Needless to say, that option one is always less expensive than option two. If your health is not good enough to qualify for option one, the latter is the only way to go.

Please keep the following facts in mind:

All regularly underwritten plans (option 1) are active as soon as they are approved.
All simplied plans (option 2) either become active upon approval or may also be graded, which means the policy will become active after 2 – 3 years of paying premium.


Here is a link for you to do proper shopping for a Burial Life Insurance:
Affordable Burial Life Insurance | Final Expense Insurance Plans

Make sure you fill out the form completely.

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