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How do I choose the right funeral insurance cover?

How do I choose the right funeral insurance cover?

Taking the time to carefully choose the right kind of funeral insurance cover to suit the needs of you and your family may seem to be an uncomfortable activity. But it is also extremely important.

Choosing the right kind of funeral insurance cover could be the difference between knowing that the high cost of a funeral service has been covered or worrying about the financial burden facing you or your loved ones.

What should funeral insurance cover provide?

The cost of a funeral can run many thousands of rands. Between the coffin, the catering and transport, you need to know that your funeral insurance cover is able to provide enough financial assistance to ensure that you and your loved ones are able to get through this emotional period without an additional worry about expenses.

A good funeral insurance policy will pay out a lump sum upon the death of the insured. 
Funeral services are an immediate expense that needs to be taken care of quickly and efficiently. An adequate funeral insurance plan will provide a substantial cash payout and an annual benefit increase to ensure that your benefits are keeping up with inflation.

What kinds of funeral cover options are available?

Additional cover options are available to supplement many funeral insurance plans.
Optional accidental death and disability cover for you, your partner and children is sometimes available.

You can also sometimes extend your funeral cover to not only your partner and children but also your parents.  By ensuring that once you have chosen the right funeral insurance cover to suit your needs, you can prepare for unexpected eventualities.

Are there additional funeral insurance benefits?

Additional benefits on a funeral insurance cover are provided to not only make planning a funeral more manageable, but to also provide better care for those left behind.

A vehicle access benefit will provide the use of a car to make funeral arrangements. This value of this is in having dependable transportation during this emotional time leaving you free to concentrate on providing the best funeral service for your loved one. A memorial benefit will help you pay for the additional expenses incurred through holding an unveiling ceremony.

A groceries plan is another valuable benefit. A groceries plan will provide a monthly sum for the first year following the death of the insured.

By choosing the right level of cover and funeral insurance options that are appropriate to your needs, you can get the best deal on funeral insurance. A qualified insurance broker is best placed to advise you when choosing burial insurance.

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