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Go Green Funeral services

Go Green Funeral services

Funeral insurance : Families those who do not wish to harm the environment while putting their loved ones to rest, can incorporate greener options into their funeral planning. Green funerals are all about keeping the funeral things as simple, natural and beautiful as possible by returning to nature in a way that will not harm the environs, but will actually preserve the landscape and enhance opportunities for wildlife – it’s about leaving the world a better place. So why not go green? Here we have listed some of the reasons and ways to have a green funeral that won’t harm the environ,You care for the environment and wish to use simple, natural, Eco-friendly materials which make nominal impact on wildlife habitats, indigenous plants and the landscape for the future.You love a peaceful countryside setting, an uplifting, fine-looking and natural place – a perfect place to rest in peace.

The pure quality of the landscape, the handmade coffins and natural materials are superb – the occasion will be truly memorable.

Something different – you don’t like the standard funeral at the cemetery, there are no restrictions on the type of ceremony with no time constraints – make the burial ground your own personal space for the event.

Ways to have a green funeral and burial:

Forget the fancy casket, Modern coffins have all kinds of materials which are not salubrious for the environment, from non-biodegradable plastics to metal. Opt for a basic wooden casket such as those built by A Simple Pine Box. These coffins are biodegradable and will leave hardly a trace.

Forgo embalming, As previously mentioned, embalming fluid contains formaldehyde, a likely carcinogenic that should not be making its way into the environment. Not using embalming may mean that a funeral must happen more quickly. However, alternatives do exist for keeping a body long enough for a funeral, such as keeping the body in dry ice or refrigerated. Check your state’s or country’s laws, but at least in the US the use of embalming should not be required except under specific circumstances.Look for a green funeral home which is certified by the Green Burial Council, since Green funeral homes have adopted environmentally friendly practices in their preparation and burial techniques, making it much easier for you to get a green burial rather than having to argue with a funeral director unfamiliar with what you want.

Don’t use a concrete vault. Check the laws in your locality, but concrete vaults should not be required. Cemeteries are increasingly allowing vaultless funerals either for a fee or for free, and green cemeteries prohibit them entirely. All that concrete doesn’t belong in the ground, and it takes a tremendous amount of energy to create and transport it all.

Nobody wants to think about dying, but what’s the use of concerning about green living during our lives if we poison the environment when we pass away? By requesting a green funeral and burial to the funeral homes, we can allow ourselves to return to the environment in a way that helps the Earth renew the cycle of life.

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