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Get a No Exam Life Insurance Quote Within Minutes

Get a No Exam Life Insurance Quote Within Minutes

Article by Sarah Martin

Searching for life insurance online will give you results for many different life insurance providers. If you are looking for regular life insurance you will not be able to qualify with no exam. A life insurance quote will generally involve asking your questions about your medical history and proof of your health from a health care provider.

However, you can get the life insurance you need for your peace of mind if you have a medical condition that would disqualify you from such regular term, whole or universal life insurance.

It is fast and easy to obtain a no exam life insurance quote when you search online. You will not have to provide a detailed medical history and the only health related question you will have to answer is whether or not you smoke.

Other questions on the application are general in nature, such as your age and gender, but these are important factors in determining the quote you do receive. The younger you are when you apply, the lower the rate you will receive. Females generally pay a lower rate for life insurance than males because they tend to have a longer life span.

You will likely obtain the same amount of coverage with a no medical exam life insurance quote, which could be as much as half a million dollars depending on the provider you choose. You do not have to speak with an agent when you apply for the policy directly from the provider’s website.

As soon as you answer the required question, you will receive a life insurance quote for the cost of the policy within minutes. Then if this price is agreeable to you, you can pay for the policy online and print off your policy right away.

This convenience is one of the main advantages in requesting a no exam life insurance quote. If you are in good health and would qualify for a regular policy, you can compare the difference in the rates of both the regular policy and one for which you don’t need a medical exam just to see how much you can save because of your good health.

It doesn’t cost you anything to request a no medical life insurance quote and once you do, you are not under any obligation to purchase the policy. No agents will ever call you to try to persuade you to make the purchase or ask you any questions about your health.

If you do decide that this is the right route for you to take to make sure you give your family the protection they need, you can also feel secure in entering your personal information online. The websites of the insurance providers are secure and none of the information will get into the hands of unscrupulous characters.

It is vital for you to read the fine print of the policy you purchase due to the affordable no medical life insurance quote you receive. In some cases, there may be information in this fine print about existing medical conditions or about medical conditions causing death that are not eligible for the terms of the policy.

You do have to make sure that your family will actually receive the amount of money they are due from the policy. Research the provider before you purchase a policy to make sure it is a reputable one. You also need to look at the cancellation process to make sure you can get a refund if, when you do receive the policy, you decide that it is not the right one for you.

About the Author

Sarah Martin is a freelance marketing writer based out of San Diego, CA. She specializes in business, finance, and different types of life insurance. For a no medical life insurance quote, please visit http://www.equote.com/.