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Funeral Insurance in South Africa

Funeral Insurance in South Africa

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Funeral insurance is an affordable way to ensure that the costs of a funeral are covered in the event that you or a loved one dies. Learn more about the benefits of choosing quality funeral insurance in South Africa.

A burial cover policy is a specialised insurance policy that will pay a cash sum to cover funeral expenses upon the death of the insured. This means that should you die, your family will not have to shoulder the burden of paying for the funeral and the related expenses. It is also possible to extend burial cover so that your spouse and children are covered.

A dignified funeral is often expensive. For this reason, funeral insurance was created to provide a cash sum quickly, when it is needed. Adequate burial cover will provide a cash amount sufficient to pay for the funeral service and to meet related expenses. Protect your family

A suitable funeral is important for mourners and is a means of paying respect to the deceased. At this difficult time, raising cash should not be a pressing concern. By taking out burial cover, you can make sure that your family do not have to take on the additional anxiety of finding money to cover the cost of your funeral.

Choosing the right funeral insurance policy can therefore be a simple and affordable way to plan for the future.

Upon your death, your assets may be tied up in the bureaucracy of managing an estate or not immediately available for any number of other reasons. A burial policy should pay a cash sum within 48 hours of receipt of the relevant documentation. As the policy pays cash, the sum can be used to meet any pressing expense, alleviating immediate financial worries.

Choosing burial cover

As with any insurance product, an experienced broker can help you to find the most cost effective funeral insurance in South Africa. A broker will compare the various products on the market and choose a funeral insurance policy that provides adequate cover at the best price.

A quality funeral insurance product will pay out quickly, without hassle or excessive paperwork. It will provide adequate cover at a reasonable price and should be flexible enough to cover your spouse and children. It is also important that you choose a policy from a reputable insurer with a proven track record, to ensure the policy is reliable. Your insurance broker can advise you which policies meet these criteria.

An insurance broker can also assist you to find compile personal insurance policies so you can protect your family from a range of eventualities. For many people, a good funeral insurance policy is a critical part of a portfolio of personal insurance products, which may include personal accident cover, life insurance and other products.

Ask your insurance broker to assess your risk profile and find the best funeral insurance and other policies that will secure your future financial security and protect your family.

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