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Funeral insurance cover

Funeral insurance cover

Article by Hollard Funeral

Funeral insurance provides a guaranteed cash payout to cover funerals and related expenses. Quality funeral cover will make funds available quickly, ensuring that a dignified funeral can be held without financial or bureaucratic constraints.

Why do I need funeral insurance?

Many people appreciate that, while funeral cover will not usually benefit them directly, funeral insurance is a way of taking care of their dependents and loved ones.However, it is not always obvious what the distinct advantages of a funeral policy can be. It is commonly assumed that keeping one’s finances well-ordered is sufficient to provide the necessary means to stage a funeral. And many people underestimate the expense and importance of a funeral ceremony.The fact is that a dignified funeral can be a source of comfort to mourners, and has significant social value. The bereaved will tend to invest in a fitting ceremony, whether or not they are in a financial position to comfortably do so. The high costs of funeral services, and the related expenses, can place a substantial financial burden on families lacking adequate funeral cover.Furthermore, because of the legal red tape associated with administrating an estate, your property may not be immediately available to your dependents – even if you do not have debts and your finances are in order.

Funeral insurance makes funds available without delay

One of the great advantages of a good quality funeral insurance policy is that it provides a cash payout upon the death of the insured person, without hassle or delay.

Regardless of the insured’s general financial situation, adequate funeral cover will provide enough cash to enable family members to pay for a dignified funeral service and related expenses without incurring debt.

Cover your family

Some funeral insurance products allow you to extend cover to other members of your family. This means that your household is financially protected in the event of the death of any insured member.

Covering other people for whom you have a financial duty will ensure that the household is not suddenly burdened financially at what is an already traumatic time.Funeral plan benefits

Some funeral insurance policies include optional benefits to help with organising a funeral and to assist your family in the event of your death.A groceries option is a popular and useful benefit. This will usually take the form of a monthly payment designed to help your family pay for groceries and other essential items. This is particularly useful to help them cope with the sudden loss of income that can follow the death of the insured.

Additional cover options can include insurance for unveiling services and personal accident benefits.

Custom funeral cover

Different households will have different needs and obligations. Other variables include the number of people covered, and which optional benefits to choose.

A qualified insurance broker has the right experience and expert knowledge to offer guidance on choosing funeral insurance cover that will protect your loved ones and fit your budget.

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