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Final Expense Insurance Leads Telemarketing Guide

Final Expense Insurance Leads Telemarketing Guide

Telemarketing final expense insurance leads are created by an outbound call center. The actual call center can either be in the United States or it can be overseas.

US call centers usually have Americans calling prospective clients so that language barriers will not be an issue. However, final expense leads will probably cost more due to minimum wage laws. Overseas FE leads are cheaper but are of lesser quality usually.

United States telemarketing leads cost to per lead with a minimum order of 10. Overseas leads in general cost to per lead with a minimum order of 10.

For instance, if you buy 10 leads, seven will not have active checking accounts so you sack them right off the back. You will quote or set up an appointment with two of the remaining leads. The other one is not interested at all about final expense insurance. You will probably close one or two of those two quotes or appointments..

You may presume that you will keep about 75 percent of the ones you close on the books. Thus, you will secure and keep about 1 so you will spend 0 and get 0. A 160 percent return of investment plus referrals is not bad.

Therefore, if you would buy 200 leads, you will have about 40 appointments per week. However, keep in mind that you also still have referral leads, which are free. Hence, around 50 to 100 leads per week will be all right.

Final expense insurance leads can turn sour if telemarketers have called everyone on the telemarketing list and start giving you poor leads. You should never fully rely on one lead source.

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