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Family funeral benefit

Family funeral benefit

Many people recognise the importance of funeral insurance for protecting their families in the event of their death. But not everyone realises that a family funeral benefit can also assist your loved ones by relieving the household of an undue financial burden should a member of your family die.

A family funeral benefit will pay a cash amount if your partner or child dies. Planning for such an eventuality may be disagreeable, but it is an important practical consideration. If a loved one dies, you will want to provide a suitable, dignified funeral, no matter your financial circumstances.

A burial ceremony is an important ritual with two main purposes: to pay respect to the deceased and to provide a source of comfort to family and friends. Funeral services often fulfil a religious requirement, too.

Unfortunately, a proper funeral can be expensive, and involves a range of associated costs.

A family funeral benefit will ensure that you have the cash available when you need it, protecting you and the other members of your household, who will not have to worry about shouldering a sudden expense.

Who will a family funeral benefit assist?

A family funeral benefit can be advantageous to people at various stages of their lives.

Parents who are saving for their children’s future will appreciate the security of a family funeral option. With a family benefit, parents know that they will not have to take money out of their savings to pay for an unavoidably expensive funeral.  

Retired couples will also find comfort in a family benefit. If your partner dies when you no longer have a regular income, it may be difficult to meet sudden expenses. And if you do have adequate savings, paying for a costly funeral can diminish your estate, potentially affecting your children’s inheritance.   

Extended family funeral benefits

Additional funeral policy benefits for families can include cover for parents and parents-in-law. This offers the same protection against the sudden financial shock of paying for a funeral. It is also a means of assuring that mourners are able to pay their respects at a fitting funeral ceremony.

For comprehensive peace-of-mind, some people choose to supplement the family funeral benefit with one of several other optional funeral plan benefits, such as a vehicle access benefit.

For help choosing the right amount of cover, to protect you and your family, it can be helpful to discuss your funeral insurance needs, and family funeral benefit options, with an expert insurance broker.

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