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Do You Need Burial Insurance?

Do You Need Burial Insurance?

Article by Lisa Mason

Death is something that can be uncomfortable for people to discuss. No matter how old a person is, they may not want to consider their demise. The fact is that everyone passes away and it is important that those who survive the deceased are not left in the lurch because of an untimely death. One way to make sure that the costs of a burial are covered is by having burial insurance.The following are some of the benefits of burial insurance:

• Non Age Restricted – Before you think that you do not need burial insurance because you are young, consider the fact that accidents and illness happen and at any time death can occur. It is better to be covered for the “just in case” rather than waiting for an illness to hit you and then you find that you are uninsurable. Anyone of any age can be approved for this insurance and it means that your final wishes are carried out.

• Low Cost – Because this insurance only covers the cost of burial and nothing more, it is more cost effective than a full and whole life insurance policy would cost. Those who are elderly may pay a few dollars more a month, but coverage is still guaranteed. The small monthly premiums do not break the bank or take money that cannot be afforded.

• Does Not Affect Other Policies – Many wonder why they would need burial insurance if there is a solid life insurance policy in place. One reason for this is because it is just added coverage. The life insurance payout can be used for other issues such as paying off a mortgage or making sure children or grandchildren have the funds for college. If the burial is paid for with a separate insurance, there is no need to tap the life insurance for these funds.

Burial insurance can be used as a standalone policy or it can be set up as an addition to a whole life insurance policy. Those who do not carry life insurance should make sure that they have burial insurance in order to help their families mitigate the costs of a death. There are no age restrictions and this type of policy can be purchased even if a person is in perfect health. It is important to take care of surviving family members and having a solid burial insurance policy in place is a great way to do this.

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