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Do you know your rights for health insurance in Tennessee?

Do you know your rights for health insurance in Tennessee?

Article by Toni King

The unemployment rate is increasing at a dramatic rate in the U.S. This causes another problem: MORE UNINSURED AMERICANS. Healthcare reform is on the way but people get sick even in a recession. With todays rising healthcare costs, no family should be without health insurance!

Each state has different laws and regulations to govenrn the insurance industry. Most Tennesseans are unaware of the regulations of their state.

Group insurance through an employer provides benefits for all employees enrolled, regardless of their health status. Adding family members may cost more in premiums, but guaranteed acceptance provides peace of mind for the employee.

Losing a job may force the employee to choose insurance through private insurance companies. The good news is these policies are yours to keep even if you go back to work.

All private policies are guaranteed renewable in Tennessee. Even if you develop a serious medical condition, you cannot be canceled as long as you pay your premiums.

However, Tennessee is not a “guarantee state.” Insurance companies have the right to turn down your initial application due to health issues. Policies in Tennessee are underwritten by the insurance companies. You may be turned down for coverage or “rated up” with a higher premium than originally quoted.

If an individual is turned down for insurance coverage, Tennessee has other options for the “uninsurable”. It is important to understand exactly what these options are.

Insurance companies in Tennessee do not have policis that are set by the state. They can tailor their policies how they want. They have the right to decline coverage and also to set higher premiums based on current and past health conditions. After you get your policy and the intial rate guarantee is up (usually 12-36 months) the insurance company can raise the premiums.

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