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Do You Know Why Should You Buy Life Insurance?

Do You Know Why Should You Buy Life Insurance?

Why do you need life insurance if you never been sick or injured?

All life insurance agents will tell you there is a number of reasons to purchase life insurance, ones of the biggest is your mortgage in case something might happen to one of the key members of the family, like an unexpected passing away of your spouse or special other, most lifestyles now days are pretty much built on two incomes, wouldn’t you like to know if something happens to you your family can continue to keep the lifestyle you had establish and planned for them in case something happens to you if you become sick and you passed away.

1. Reasons why we don’t need life insurance.

Now some people think it might be a waste of time to invest into life insurance and they don’t want anything to do with throwing money out of the window, because they probably never will need it. Now I want give you some of the reasons why they think they don’t need life insurance. I haven’t been sick a day in my life, I’m going to live forever, I’m young and I’m never going to die, who in my family cares when I pass away, that’s something I never thought of is dying.

All of us know the good Lord didn’t plan for us to live forever, or did he plan for your family to take care of the medical bills or the final expense that follows a funeral. A lot of people think if I leave it in God’s hand everything will be like it suppose to be, but that’s not the way the good Lord want it to be, I don’t like to think of dying, you still have to make the final decisions on what you need for you and your family’s final protection.

2. Reasons why we do need life insurance.

You know now days in this time and the way the economy is all the family expense is determine off of two incomes, if you plan your future expense on two incomes and if your spouse happen to unexpectedly pass away and leaving the other person having to pay the existing expense of paying the funeral and medical bills, and house hold expense, and the duties of rising a family with one income could be very complicated.

Think about your mortgage, if you had enough life insurance at the time your special person happens to pass away, you will be covered so you won’t be stuck having to pay the mortgage by yourself. Income like I said must of the bills now days depends on two incomes, it could be very difficult to take care of everyday expenses on one income, that second income is a luxury until it’s not there anymore. And think if you had young children, and if you wanted then to go to college, it could be very difficult off of one income if you didn’t plan for it.

And you know we want to live forever but that is something is not going to happen, we all are going to pass away some day, but if we pass away unexpectedly that would leave our family in a financial situation we probably won’t have plan for, we want our family continue to live the lifestyle we live and plans for after we are not there anymore.

Life insurance is a life saver in the times of financial need, if you need to borrow some finance in desperate times that you need it, it’s there if you need it, it also will build up cash value, it’s according to what kind of term or whole life insurance you get with your plan.

I have given you reasons why you should or shouldn’t have to buy life insurance, but why you should buy is more important than not buying, you shouldn’t have to leave your family have to pay final expense without you having enough or no insurance to pay the funeral and medical bills with only one income to do it with and that could be very hard on one person with one income to rise a family that live through life depending on two incomes. So with those reasons to purchase or not to get life insurance is the best option you have at the time. Think very hard and carefully if life insurance is the solution to you and your family’s medical and financial future

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