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Different Types Of Funeral Caskets

Cremation is currently the most popular form of disposal of one’s remains at death. However, burial still remains a viable choice for various religious and personal reasons. One decision that must be made is which out of many different types of funeral caskets should be chosen. Even if cremation is still desired, some former of container is needed for the body to be cremated in. Caskets can be purchased, which is the most common, or rented in certain cases.

Fiberglass, metal, wood, and reinforced cardboard or press board are frequently used for casket construction. Each one has different benefits and prices vary based on what it is made of. Different options should be considered to find the best fit for your needs and budget.

Fiberglass models are usually fairly inexpensive, but strong and lightweight. These types of caskets are commonly used for children’s services. Fiberglass can be crafted to look like marble, steel, and wood. It is very inexpensive and versatile.

Caskets were traditional made out of wood, since that is a common naturally found resource. Wooden models are made of hardwoods, including ash, oak, cedar, and redwood. Professional woodworkers crafts these units and they are very well constructed and beautiful.

Steel is used to create caskets, and ranges in gauge from twenty at the lightest and sixteen at the heaviest. Twenty gauge steel is comparable to automobile body parts. These parts are spot welded in place and are less expensive than higher quality steel. Lower gauges of steel produce higher quality caskets. The finishing is comparable to auto body finishing, which creates an exceptional and polished look.

Some caskets are made of stainless steel and have a wood veneer over the top to resemble a wooden model. These are often a little less expensive than some of the high-end wooden units.

Copper and bronze models are also available. These are durable, resist corrosion, and are stunning to look at. They come in different thicknesses, based on weight. These are among the most expensive but beautiful models made.

For those with particular religious restrictions or who just want something a little different, a specialty casket can be purchased. Special models are made under the direction of a rabbit to ensure Orthodox Jewish compliance. Caskets can also be decorated to reflect the interests of the deceased.

Some special types of caskets also include those decorated with military designs, rock bands, or hobbies. A quick search online will show that a casket in almost any theme can be found. These are usually a little more expensive than standard caskets and must be special ordered.

Cremation may still require a casket, but they are very inexpensive and made of press board or inexpensive wood. The body is then transported and cremated in the same container. Often funeral homes will rent a casket if one is needed for a viewing before cremation is conducted.

The choice between funeral caskets is very personal. Family members may spend a lot of time and money choosing the perfect model to honor their loved one. Regardless of personal tastes or budget concerns, a casket can be found to fit anyone’s needs.

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