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Burial Insurance - What May Happen If You Do Not Have Burial Insurance

Burial Insurance – What May Happen If You Do Not Have Burial Insurance

Some deaths occur in a person’s life and these deaths are completely unexpected. A father who does not come home from work may have died in a car accident. A mother who left her husband and small children at home so she could pick up a few groceries dies as another vehicle runs a red light. A college student who is catching a ride home for the holidays never shows up because he died on the freeway. These scenarios may be gruesome, but they happen every day. When you do not have coverage, your family members may be forced to deal with your unexpected death and pay for your funeral.

Most parents of small children do not have tens of thousands of dollars in a bank account. If they do, they certainly do not want to take it all out just to pay a funeral home. Any funds should be used for emergencies or future expenses. If you do not a proper policy, your spouse or family members may have to sell their jewelry or cars to pay for your funeral. Your surviving children may not be able to continue in their activities because your surviving spouse had to use all of your savings to pay for your funeral.

Not having a policy can mean that your family members will have to go to a loan shark or pawn shop to try get some money to pay for your funeral. Your family may take drastic actions so that they are not embarrassed by not being able to pay for your funeral. They may agree to a loan from the funeral home and this may put them in debt for several years. You do not want to have to worry about your family members trying to pay a funeral home and pay for utilities and groceries after you die.

Sometimes people may end up borrowing money from other family but this can cause ill will and estrangement among all family members. A loan from a family member will make one family member feel uncomfortable around the family until the loan is paid. The family member who lent the money will expect to start seeing some payments soon after the body is buried. Sometimes this type of situation can be carried into a courtroom as a small claims lawsuit. Then the whole family may end up in a huge fight. It is worth it to pay a few dollars per month for a burial insurance policy to keep peace in the family.