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Burial Funeral Insurance For Seniors

Burial Funeral Insurance For Seniors

More Opt for Pre-Pay Funerals

The final event in Rotorua residents’ lives is being organized in advance, with more and more people planning their own funerals.

It’s a trend that has been ongoing for at least 20 years, funeral director Keith Osborne said, but more people are making those plans, with seven people a month signing up to a pre-paid scheme.

“It’s a popular option, especially when someone is looking at going into long term residential care,” Mr. Osborne said. “People can leave it as a pre-arrangement where it’s their wishes being known, or take it a step further and pre-pay.” One of Mr. Osborne’s most recent clients was a 66-year-old woman but others were going into residential care or had been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

“I recently met with a family where a death had occurred and I had pre-arranged the funeral months ago,” Mr. Osborne said. “It was pre-paid so everything was in place; they weren’t leaving any decisions to a time when people are more stressed.” Planning a funeral in advance could be as basic as a person wanted, he said. People could choose their own casket, their own music and even what photos would be on show. They could also decide on the wording for death notices.

Mr. Osborne said costs varied depending on burial or cremation.

He said anyone wanting to go ahead and plan for their service should talk to a funeral director first.

“Look at what type of funeral they would like to see happen in the event of their death. Costs differ considerably between them – burial is more expensive.

“Some individuals will make that decision on financial constraints. Some will make it on cultural or religious reasons regardless of the cost.”

Osbornes Funeral Home has its own trust fund for pre-paid funerals.

Funeral costs could be paid as a lump sum or for as little as a week. The overall cost could vary from 00 up to around 00.

“The recession has made people look at their options and choose wisely.”

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