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9 Easy Tips for Lower Funeral Expenses

9 Easy Tips for Lower Funeral Expenses

Article by Pamela Doove

Funeral expenses can be serious business. Even the most basic funeral often costs well over ,000, and if you want the ideal environment in which to remember your loved one, you could quite easily spend up to ,000. Funeral insurance can be a true lifesaver, but if your loved one wasn’t able to afford much funeral insurance (or it’s too late for that now), there are still some easy ways to lower funeral expenses. We look at the top nine here.

1. Choose cremationRent a casket for the funeral ceremony, and choose to have your loved one’s body cremated. This can mean up to a 75% reduction in funeral costs, and is socially responsible in that it preserves space in cemeteries. 2. Buy a casket onlineShopping around online offers you the option to buy just about everything cheaper… including a casket. Remember though, that you’ll have to factor in delivery charges. 3. Choose a graveside or crematorium serviceHiring a hall or special venue for the pre-burial or pre-cremation service is often a large component of funeral expenses. Additionally, a graveside or crematorium funeral can create a greater sense of closure and finality.4. Hold your own memorial serviceAlternatively, instead of hiring a speaker to direct the ceremony, you could hold the memorial service in your own home. If the body is viewable, this viewing can also occur in your own home, helping make the mourners more comfortable as well as reducing funeral expenses.5. Minimize death notice costsUse the telephone and the deceased’s little black book to contact relevant people, and keep the death notice in the paper to the minimum detail necessary for legal purposes. 6. Print your own service sheetsIf you’ve chosen to have a service, either in your home or a hired place, you can still save money by printing your own service sheets. Check with the celebrant as to the order of proceedings, and you can either home-print the service sheets or have a colour printing service do it from your file. 7. Create your own floral tributeProfessionally arranged flowers represent a fair cost. Asking people attending the funeral for flowers from their own gardens can help them feel personally involved as well as saving cash. 8. Arrange your own cateringFriends and loved ones are often looking out for ways to help grieving families, and food is a popular option. If somebody can coordinate catering for the funeral, you can save a lot in costs. 9. For yourself – decide to donate your bodyIf you choose to donate your body to science or research, you could help make a difference in the lives of many other people. This decision will help lower your own funeral expenses, but it is wise to clear it with your loved ones first. They may find it traumatic not to have a choice in what happens to your body… even more so than having to pay funeral expenses.

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